The dashboard allows you to toggle between Current Investments (Portfolios), Friends and Personalized Advice. Your Current Investments are Richie-picked investments chosen by other user’s activity on Richie.


Richie is a registered investment advisor. All of your information is processed in a smart and secure way to ensure relevant investment advice. Collectively these questions will help us help you get RICH-ie!


Based on your on-boarding information and spending habits, Richie will help them choose a risk level (tolerance for loss/profit) to apply to your future investments. Richie will also provide saving and spending advice based on individual information.


Co-investors are other users in your #group. Co-investors are working towards the same goal at the same pace. But money is never transferred or shared between Richie users, you simply have a place to discuss and track other’s progress.


We understand the difference between social and individual choices. Here Richie allows the user to revisit the risk selected when the account was created and gives them the choice to revise according to more social elements of the app.


Richie will try to understand the user a little more each day! Once we get the hang of your patterns and desires, we will recommend portfolios and connections to enrich your Richie experience.


Although your money on Richie never directly benefits other Richie users, we want to emphasize the importance of encouragement and team-strategy! In the chat feature you can discuss future portfolios reveal more secure information with your friends on Richie and your team members in investment.


Remember: Richie is simply an investment advisor! We provide advice, but you don’t have to listen!

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