Few words about Richie

We want to give Richie a set of principles that will drive us forward.

Welcome to our blog! I have thought about running a blog because sharing our beliefs and vision is an important part of making ‘Richie’ happen. We simply cannot afford to create an investment application just for the sake of creating an investment application. We have no resources to waste and the FinTech field is simply overcrowded.

We want to give Richie a soul; you can also call it a mission or a duty and I want my first post to be about that. We need something to rely on and refer to, many years from now.

We will cover each of those principles in the future posts, but here is the outline:

1. Richie is social

We live in the age of the sharing economy, in the era where we “take Uber” and “Venmo others”; yet, we have always been investing alone. We live in a proxy where we can’t even imagine investing with someone. However, the truth is, we think that investing is all about money and returns, while in fact investing is about our future. Furthermore, while we probably shouldn’t share money with others, we can certainly share beliefs, investment goals and interests with people we share our life with, and that is what Richie does.

2. We are different

Let me ask you a question; if you were to imagine a person who is a portfolio manager or an investment banker that works on Wall Street; what would that person look like? I think that guy/gal would probably look like a mix of a cocky douche in a suit and tie and a shameless sociopathic salesman that doesn’t give a damn about you. That is the financial industry that we live in today. We try to make non-conformism a cornerstone of our startup; we want and shall be different; it helps Richie think outside the box while the industry and society tries hard to put us back into the box.

3. Richie is cool

Investing is cool. Investing with Richie is cooler.

How cool can an investment app be? If it was easy to make investing cool, everyone would do it, but it is hard, that’s why investing is boring. There are, however, a couple of apps that are fairly cool and we at Richie work day and night making sure our users have fun while investing. People on Wall Street have to understand that there is no such thing as a marital status in the 21st Century; it is relationship status, and there are far more than 2 genders. I hope we will remember to stay cool down the road, even if we become (ooh boy) a Hedge Fund.

I hope it didn’t come out as an ad post (LOL, of course it did); I simply tried to outline few very important parts about Richie that will hopefully help millennials finally start investing. Bottom line is, things cannot stay the way they are; the investment industry has to change and Richie shall be at the forefront of the change.

We will cover a variety of interesting topics and discuss financial challenges that millennials face every day throughout their life, as well as flaws in the modern Financial Industry. My ultimate goal is to share our vision for the future of the investment industry.

Thanks for your time and stay in touch!

By Ermek Rysbek uulu

Photographs by Giphy.

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